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Vital Honey Reviews Taboo for girls driving

Vital Honey Reviews When the car enters life, women no longer always sit on the co-driver, listening to others to grasp the direction. Instead, sit in the driver’s position and take your own path. Here, I would like to remind women friends who drive frequently to avoid the following mistakes and make their car life happier.

(1) Rear windshield hanging ornaments: On the road, it is often seen that some of the rear windshields of the car are covered with a variety of plush toys. This is not correct, because if the rear windshield hangs too many ornaments, it will block your view of the road from the rearview mirror and affect the safety of driving.

(2) Wearing high-heeled shoes: Many female car owners like to wear high-heeled shoes, but driving with high-heeled shoes will affect the movement of the clutch, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal, and whether it is emergency braking or not, the probability of slipping the pedal will increase relatively, even if it is not Accidents may also sprain your ankles. Therefore, for women who love beauty, if necessary, they can prepare a pair of flat shoes suitable for driving in the car to be replaced at any time.

(3) Wearing gloves: Many women’s cars always like to wear a pair of gloves when driving, in order to prevent the hands from holding the steering wheel and grinding out. This is also not advisable. Because wearing gloves is easy to slip when turning, especially when making sharp turns. For the sake of safety, you should not wear gloves, not to mention the car owners’ sense of car.

(4) Vital Honey Reviews Long wearing sunglasses: The dark color of the sunglasses can delay the time when the eyes send the visual signals to the brain. This visual delay causes the speed to be distorted, making it easy for people to make wrong judgments. Therefore, do not wear sunglasses for a long time while driving.

(5) Snacks: When you drive a female car owner who wants to eat snacks, please bear with your appetite for a while, and don’t eat snacks while driving. In fact, not only snacks but also self-speaking, singing while driving, there are many people, which are very dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not entertain yourself while driving.

Vital Honey Reviews How women should drive to avoid danger:

(1) The most thrilling thing for women to drive is to bend, turn right at the intersection, sometimes because of traffic jam, forced to walk in the middle lane, and when they want to turn, they often cut into corners and oppress If a locomotive or bicycle that comes to the rear comes into collision, it will have to bear the main anecdote responsibility; in fact, if you do not drive the right-turn lane, you may be billed by the traffic police. It is recommended to be in the straight line, you have to prepare the direction lights, then slowly to the right, so that the rear of the vehicle knows the police, and will not directly hit.

(2) Vital Honey Reviews Cross the intersection, even if it is a green light, keep it slow, and develop the habit of lightly braking, so that the speed will slow down, instead of speeding up, because you can’t predict when there will be a red light or even a yellow light. On another road, someone was rushing to get out. In the middle of the night, the situation of red light is more frequent. Even if you are alert, your lane is green, but to protect your personal safety, don’t rush to speed up.

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