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Slimfast Vitality Reviews can reduce traffic accidents

Slimfast Vitality Reviews The automotive electronic stability control system was first developed in Europe in the 1990s. It uses a series of sensors and an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to sense when the driver will lose control. Once the driver is about to lose control, the stability control system automatically brakes the wheels and simultaneously reduces the throttle. Control the car or prevent the car or truck from slipping sideways to avoid accidents.

Slimfast Vitality Reviews The main function of the automotive electronic stability control system is to extend the vehicle anti-skid control or electronic tracking control system to ensure that the car can still have the best tracking characteristics when turning, in order to achieve the travel process. Stability in the middle. In order to keep the vehicle track better when cornering, the vehicle dynamic stability control system must be equipped with more advanced control and sensing equipment. In addition to monitoring the tire speed of the vehicle, it must also sense the curvature of the steering wheel and the vehicle. The driving speed, as well as the lateral acceleration of the vehicle, etc., are used to evaluate whether the tire is slipping during the turning process based on the monitored data information.

If it is detected that there is a slippage of the tire or a slippage condition has occurred, the driving central control computer will issue a command to make the brake control mode, perform appropriate braking action, or adjust the throttle opening degree. In order to reduce the driving force of the driving wheel to prevent the driving wheel from slipping, and to reduce the fuel injection amount of the engine, the engine output power can be reduced by delaying the ignition, so that the vehicle tire can suppress the slip phenomenon under various driving conditions, even if the automobile Better tire tracking can be obtained during start-up acceleration, acceleration or turning, etc., to maintain the proper grip of the tire grip and maintain the stability of the vehicle’s driving process.

Slimfast Vitality Reviews Since the electronically controlled stabilization system can hold each wheel, they can also be used in remote car accident prevention systems, which are currently equipped with many cars. The vehicle will send a radar signal to determine if the driving is sufficient distance from the preceding vehicle; if not, it will automatically brake.

Car audio modification principle Slimfast Vitality Reviews

Car audio equipment design is ingenious, but if there is no active way to play their best performance, it will undoubtedly obliterate the sound nature of this excellent audio equipment. When selecting equipment, it should be matched according to each brand and performance. Japan’s mainframes, its electronic digital technology, and sensitive and convenient handling performance are ahead of other countries, while the speakers produced in Europe and America, its high-quality materials and pure texture and traditional manual fine casting technology are unmatched by Japanese manufacturers. Before car audio conversion, we must first choose which professional equipment is used by the company. It is not a good choice for all materials to be selected from one company.

Slimfast Vitality Reviews The biggest difference between listening to music in a car and enjoying music at home is that the car is moving fast. In order to achieve good results, this puts higher demands on the audio equipment, and the wind noise when the vehicle is driving at high speed. , tire noise and mechanical noise can cause interference to the sound system. Generally, the door is selected for shock and sound insulation. Generally, a soft foaming sponge is used to seal the door cavity. The best effect is to use a professional shock plate, but the cost of the shock plate is much higher than that of the foam sponge.

High power means that in a sound system, the output power of the host or amplifier must be large, because of the greater their output power, the greater the linear range of audio they can control, which means that they drive the speaker. The more powerful. The low-power amplifier not only causes distortion in the sound, but also causes the amplifier or the speaker coil to burn out, and the music effect is less than ideal.

Slimfast Vitality Reviews In addition, compared with professional audio stores, car audio installed in non-professional stores seems to be cheap, but the effect is really bad. In addition to equipment matching, sound field positioning and debugging, there are gaps in installation technology, technology, and wire used, and there are many faults and no after-sales service. Therefore, the owner must not be cheap, only the trained technicians to install and debug, in order to give full play to the advantages of audio equipment.

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