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Shoeslly Reviews BuscaPé is the popular shopping guide in Spanish, with editions for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and in this case Chile, designed to help consumers in the difficult task of acquiring new articles, offering a comparison of prices and a space for them to leave their opinions or read what others thought of the different products, thus obtaining a general notion of the different articles before buying them.

Shopping can be as fun as it is frustrating. Searching for the best prices, analyzing each product, asking for opinions from sellers who usually are not well informed, or would be able to sell you just the box and paint it as the best purchase of your life, are only part of a process that It can become quite stressful in moments of indecision.

BuscaPé is a very interesting portal created by and for Spanish-speaking consumers, in which they seek to offer a space for the exchange of opinions, evaluation of products and search for the lowest prices in the market so that you can do in a few minutes what Another way could take you a whole day.

Shoeslly Reviews With the rise of Internet sales, looking for online prices has already become something of every day. In fact, we are several who, even knowing that we are not going to buy the product online, we consult the different sites to get a general idea of market prices, and not go to the store “blindly” to see what it is. waths up.

In BuscaPé this task takes just a few seconds since they inform you of the cost of any product listed in all online stores available for the Chilean market so that you can see which one is cheaper and you save some dollars in the purchase, which is something that never hurts.

In addition, registered users may request alerts for when one of the selected products are on sale, or when real bargains appear published. This is ideal for those who do not have the need to purchase any of the products at the moment and can afford to wait a few days until an offer or promotion that encourages them to make the purchase effective.

Shoeslly Reviews But the best thing is in the possibility of reading the opinions and evaluations of other users of the site that have already acquired the product, an invaluable possibility to listen to the comments of other consumers who are totally alien to the business of the sale, and who can offer us a faithful look at the products in question, offering a different perspective to what we could find in a catalog or at the sale sites themselves.

As highlighted on the site, tens of thousands of users visit them every day in search of prices and opinions of the more than 2,500,000 offers captured by the software used on the web.

All seem to be advantages, and the fact that the service is totally free is not an exception at all. So if you are about to buy something, or just feel curious to know the prices of the most popular pots of the moment, BuscaPé is a perfect way to do it. And who knows, maybe you end up buying something after all. – Neutrality, Responsibility and Transparency is a portal for the reception of consumer complaints of all kinds of commercial products and services that seeks, on the one hand, to offer a space to publicly express our criticisms, while on the other hand tries to be a mediator of conflicts so that companies, institutions, and consumers can agree on joint solutions, leading to the consequent improvement of the services offered, or failing that, keeping the rest of the users in a state of alert in the cases previously reported.

We have all seen each other in the annoying situation of wanting to claim for a service, but not knowing where to do it. Even, many times it happens that, although we managed to make the claim, it goes completely unnoticed making us feel even worse than before.

In know this daily problem of consumers and therefore have opened a space for anyone to enter their complaints or suggestions in regard to the various services offered in the Chilean market. In this way, published complaints can be seen by thousands of other users who may be going through the same thing as you, and can advise and support you in finding a solution, or at least be aware of the situation before acquiring the service in question.

But what is even more interesting about this site is that, if the company to which the claim is addressed is subscribed to the site, you will automatically receive a notification requesting a response to the issue raised, so that customers and employers can Contact directly and solve your problems from the website.

Thus, from its values of Neutrality, Responsablidaid, and Transparency, they offer an independent service that has been consecrated over the years as one of the most important in Chile and throughout Latin America. In his own words:

Shoeslly Reviews The goal of is to facilitate the successful resolution of claims involving consumers, businesses and institutions in a fair and timely manner. The information regarding the nature and resolution of the claims is published in and is used, among other purposes, to develop comparative reports between industries in such a way to promote good business practices.

Today, with more than two years of experience and a solid presence in the network, it receives around 30,000 visitors per day and is frequently mentioned in other mass media such as radio, newspapers or television.

Although there is no need to register on the site to publish a claim, they must be accompanied by the full name, RUT and address of the person who issues the complaints, who will also have the opportunity to select if they wish to be contacted by company personnel, journalists, or attorneys interested in representing your case.

Shoeslly Reviews, In addition, the claims may be accompanied by images, videos or other documents that on a test form give greater credit to the words, which often may fall short or simply not be credible enough.

All the published complaints can be commentated and valued by the rest of the site visitors, who will have in their hands the possibility of giving greater or less relevance to each publication according to whether they approve or not.

In short, this is a very interesting service both for final consumers, as well as for companies that want to be aware of the repercussions of their services and look for new ways to improve and to be aware of what their users think, who will be Finalized, those who take them to the top or commercial bankruptcy.


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