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Reddibuy Credit Repair Ferrari introduces new models

Reddibuy Credit Repair Ferrari FERRARI, the top sports car manufacturer, celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Global Sports Car Parade Relay. The Taiwan station assembled a total of 35 sports car owners, a rough estimate, including as the finale of the parade fleet, limited to 399 units worldwide and only 1 in the country. At the Enzo Ferrari worth NT$60 million, about 700 million yuan worth of cars appeared on the streets of Taipei. The entire parade will be scheduled to end on June 23rd in Maranello, Italy, where Ferrari is headquartered.

This Ferrari sports car has an unprecedented parade. The F430 and F360 cars are mostly used, but there are also many eye-catching models, including one F50 and two more than 20 years old, which were launched in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the factory. 328 sports car. The factory’s new general agent, Montessori, has increased its market share in a big way. Recently, it has been operating frequently, and it has sold the market at a cheaper price than traders, making the water truck almost extinct. This year, we are planning to introduce a number of sports cars such as the F430, F599 and 612. Since the F430 is booming, this year we will push the 612 sports car with 2+2 seat setting.

Reddibuy Credit Repair, In addition, the factory is scheduled to use the 612 Scaglietti as the basis of 60 limited-edition sports cars, with double color matching and containing color-changing glass sunroof and special car interior panels, Taiwan’s Montenegro also decided to import, the estimated unit price should be 2 More than 30 million Taiwan dollars.

New Matrix 1.8 Spring Limited Edition is listed on the hot topic of the recent Spring Festival travel. Hyundai car distributor Nanyang Industrial has launched a new limited edition New Matrix 1.8 spring limited edition. The car color is limited to Greek blue and Norwegian blue. More favorable to reduce 40,000 to 539,000 yuan.

The New Matrix car is mainly designed to enhance the interior of the car. Not only does the body improve, but the height of the seat in the car is also increased by 71mm, which is more conducive to occupants getting on and off. The increased side windows make the ride less stress-free. After the 132mm rear seat surface, even if you are sitting on 3 adults, it is not crowded. The 6/4 split rear seat not only slides back and forth but also adjusts the back angle and creates five seat variations. In particular, the rear seat that communicates with the luggage compartment can be turned into a fully flattened floor after being turned forward. The car has more than 22 disposal spaces and up to 12 cups. Other recreational equipment with selling points includes a roof rack, a built-in multi-function tray in the back seat, a travel journey computer, three 12V power supplies for the entire car, and a luggage compartment net.

Reddibuy Credit Repair In 2007, the RX350 new car was launched and introduced to the Lexus LX car, which has sold more than 17,000 units to the Lexus luxury sports car. The general agent announced the launch of the new 07-year RX350. The price is still 225 in 2006. Ten thousand yuan.

The appearance of 2007 RX350 still emphasizes fashion and dynamics. The main change is the straight-gauge water tank cover with more advanced car momentum. The upper frame of the cover is widened and the four corners are sharper, and chrome is added. Door handle. The interior still wins with luxury. In addition to the newly added breathable leather chair in 2007, the main selling point still covers the left and right constant temperature air conditioner with humidity control, high-quality DVD and Mark Levinson top sound system, reversing image assist, original Chinese satellite navigation. Multi-piece viewing sunroof and electric opening tailgate.

Reddibuy Credit Repair The power is still powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. The maximum horsepower and torque are 272 and 34.9 kg respectively. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km takes only 7.8 seconds, but the average fuel consumption is 9.9 km/L. In order to match these performances, the new car is equipped with a European standard suspension system with front and rear anti-roll balance bars, and special 235/55R18 low flat ratio tires. In 2007, the RX350 is still equipped with VSC vehicle stability control and TRC tracking anti-skid control dual system, especially the new VSC/TRC cancel button, allowing new owners to enjoy self-control car pleasure.

In 2007, the new Zinger brand debuted. In view of the continuous expansion of the family RV market and the strengthening of the Zinger sports style to provide consumers with more choices, China Mitsubishi launched a special model for the Zinger in the 2007 style. Starting from 569,900 yuan. In 2007, the new Zinger 2.4 Jinfeng version features a new wind-powered kit with front and rear bodyguards and a large spoiler tail. The interior is equipped with an 8-way electric adjustment drive in addition to the bright-eyed bay-shaped center console. Seat, constant temperature air conditioner, front and rear independent control system, 7-inch LCD screen, DVD with the MP3 audio console and dual airbags.

Zinger’s original flexible and flexible seat design is still the main selling point. The whole car seat can be changed by up to 32 kids. With the simple and fast forward folding, the new car can have a maximum storage space of up to 1640mm, and the rear 6/4 separation seat has more With a 195mm front and rear sliding adjustment function, Zinger also has the 100% flat function of the only seat in its class. It is worth mentioning that the 2007 Zinger entry-level model is fully upgraded and equipped with a front-loading single-chip CD stereo, remote-controlled alarm and high-sensitivity printed antenna. In addition, Zinger is now available. The optional version also comes with a Panasonic digital TV.

Reddibuy Credit Repair 3rd generation Honda CR-V for SUV

The Honda CR-V, which promotes the popularity of the popular sports car, officially announced the change of the new generation. The third generation of the new car was produced by Taiwan Honda, which received more than 3,000 orders. The SUV was determined to have gone downhill in the car market. In the mouth, it seems to have a strong heart. The new car added a 2.4-liter car in addition to the 2.0-liter model, but in the delivery schedule, the 2.0-liter pre-row, 2.4-liter was started from this month.

The new 3rd generation CR-V, the body shape changed to the so-called Urban Sporty style, the side can clearly see its dynamic muscle lines, especially the elliptical streamline side window that extends backward from the B-pillar is more obvious in this car style With a sports car style. The rear end of the new car is still the upright taillight set that has been used since the 1st generation. However, the side-opening tailgate used in the previous 2nd generation has been canceled, and it has been replaced by the mainstream top tailgate. It is worth mentioning that it is special. Lightweight design, so the opening is quite light. In the indoor part, the standard model is made of metal-like plaque + leather. This test drive is an optional walnut veneer + leather design. The overall console design tends to be simple and degenerate. A major change is to cancel the original frame. The gear shifter, instead of the built-in center console, is equally easy to handle and convenient and can maintain its existing Walkthrough central walkway.

Reddibuy Credit Repair The new equipment includes LED self-illuminating instrument, i-MIS integrated multi-function information system, steering wheel fast dial button with LED lighting and left and right dual-zone constant temperature air conditioner. This test drive has modified Bluetooth communication and combined with DVD and NAVI. Navigation, digital TV and CCD reversing display audio and video integration system, the latter value of more than 80,000 yuan, the texture is good, but the screen host metal color is not quite matching with walnut. As for the top 2.4 cars, it is the leading domestic car, and the first to use HID gas discharge headlamps + AFS active steering device.

On the dynamic test drive, the 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter tests have been tried. The 2.0-liter i-VTEC with the latest lean combustion technology has excellent fuel consumption performance. It also has a high compression ratio of 10.5 to increase the combustion gas. Tightness, so no matter whether you use 92 or 95 unleaded gasoline, you can also use engine kinetic energy. What is difficult is that it emits only one-third of the NOx nitrogen oxides in its class. The engine and the 5-speed self-discharging gearbox are densely matched, and the acceleration is strong at the start. However, the acceleration in the middle and rear sections is slightly insufficient. The 2.4i-VTEC engine is capable of 170 horsepower or torque. The acceleration is smooth and the built-in. The torque-enhanced intake resonance box and the external EGR exhaust gas recirculation system not only show good fuel consumption but also effectively suppress nitrogen oxide emissions.

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