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Premier Student Loan Center BBB Precautions for using infant car seats

Premier Student Loan Center BBB Since June 1, 2004, the Ministry of Communications has implemented the “Measures for the Implementation and Promotion of Safe Carriage for Young Children with Small Passenger Cars”. Children under the age of four and weighing less than 18 kg must use children when riding a vehicle. Car safety seats, children weighing more than 18 kg to 36 kg, must ride in the back seat of the vehicle and use the seat belt properly, otherwise, they will be fined 500 yuan according to the regulations.

In the classification of child safety seats, there are three types: baby safety seats, child safety seats, and child safety seats. The baby safety seat is designed for infants from 3 to 9 kg or 6 or 7 months old. The child safety seat is for children from 9 to 18 kg or 6 or 7 months to 5 years old. As for the child safety seat, it is used when the weight has reached 18 kg (usually 5 years old). At this time, parents should consider letting children start using the child car seat. Children must continue to use the child car seat. Until they apply to the seat belt of the car itself.

Premier Student Loan Center BBB You must take your baby to try it when you buy it. The price is not the most important consideration. The high price does not mean that it is easy to install in your car. The more expensive it does not mean the better the safety. The speed of the American road is fast, and the collision test is stricter than that required by Japan. Therefore, the expensive Japanese brand is not necessarily better, depending on the interior form of the car and the age of the baby.

Premier Student Loan Center BBB Parents should pay attention to the following when using a child car seat:

(1) Make sure that the child’s seat back (when the safety seat is in the rear seat) or the headrest (the seat is placed when the child is sitting in the child car seat) At the top of the front seat, you must not be above the child’s eyes.

(2) Because the use of child car seats combined with the use of car seat belts, parents must pay special attention to whether the seat belts are placed in proper positions, such as shoulder belts must cross the children’s shoulders, while leg safety belts must On the child’s lap.

Car DNA chip vehicle body anti-theft identification code

Premier Student Loan Center BBB In the current car theft situation, in addition to the theft of the whole vehicle, there are also automobile-related components that have become the object of the illegal group after the market demand and the market price of the after-loading market has gradually increased. This has also led consumers to consider whether they have anti-theft features when purchasing a car, which is a major consideration in car selection.

The so-called automotive DNA wafer is a polymer compound formed by using polyvalent alcohol and a polybasic acid, and is printed by laser microscopy technology, and adhered to the vehicle body and components with a highly adhesive patented glue. Not easy to scrape, and has high viscosity, heat resistance (149 ° C) and non-toxic properties, so that a large number of particle wafers can be attached to the car, which is equivalent to each body and most parts are marked with an identification code, and then It is also used for the identification of a vehicle-specific identification code. Because the particles are small and can only be recognized by the naked eye, the DNA must be illuminated by a special fluorescent agent combined with an ultraviolet light source.

Car DNA, also known as vehicle body anti-theft identification code, is the use of nanotechnology to spray a large number of wafers containing body numbers on the body and important parts. Currently, only Honda vehicles in Taiwan are provided. If at their own expense, a car costs about 12,000 yuan. Car DNA is the latest, hottest and top-notch technology in a car burglary. It uses nanotechnology to spray a large number of DNA chips on the body and high-value parts. The DNA contains the body number, which reduces the thief’s willingness to steal and reduces the risk of theft.

Premier Student Loan Center BBB According to the car’s DNA chip, even if there is only one rearview mirror or a tire rim, the police can use the tiny wafer attached to it to find the original owner through the information recorded. In the future, it is possible to fully construct the data and vehicle information of the car’s DNA wafers through laws and regulations. Then the police can check the car parts and stolen goods more quickly, and the utility of the car’s DNA can be more fully demonstrated.

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