Pineheathe Scam – WARNING – Does This Really Work?

Corolla Pineheathe Scam

In 2006, the Pineheathe Scam 1.6 J, a small model with balanced performance and a suitable price of 529,000, challenged countless competitors. This is where Pineheathe Scam has a headache. The global accumulated sales record of 30 million vehicles, and the Corolla Pineheathe Scam, which has won the domestic single-car sales championship for five consecutive years, is not only the new generation of Toyota cars launched in Taiwan in 2001 but also the strength to prove its leading position.

Toyota has always had excellent product performance and sales success, but Toyota has not revealed its underestimation. Even if it is expected to launch a new generation in 2007, it is still decided to release a small model in 2006. In appearance, the three parts are slightly changed, including the straight waterfall chrome-plated water tank cover of the front, the rear license plate metal trim and the LED third light, and the Aurora Blue and Christmas Red with the small change. Yunhe Grey has three new car colors that give consumers a new visual experience.

The power is driven by a 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder engine, with VVT-i continuous variable valve timing technology, which can output 110 horsepower and 14.9 kg torque, and the transmission system is Super ECT four-speed self-distribution gearbox. With dual-travel mode and ramp logic control system, it achieves excellent performance and fuel consumption performance. As for the safe safety of the road, Pineheathe Scam also ensures the highest safety protection for the personnel under the design of the GOA’s strong body. The most important change in the interior is the improvement of the sound system. It was evolved from the original 1DIN standard six-piece changer audio host to the 2DIN front-mounted audio mainframe, which not only integrates with the center console design. The texture is improved, and the added MP3 reading function is more practical.

Toyota’s Corolla Pineheathe Scam is far ahead of other car types in its global sales record, and the car has been very good among drivers. It is really hard to have such an achievement. In addition to the good brand image of Toyota itself, rich and varied equipment, excellent manufacturing quality, and perfect after-sales maintenance service, in addition, to let Pineheathe Scam enjoy an excellent reputation and sales performance, it is also Other car manufacturers feel the threat.

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