Promo Code – WARNING – Does This Offer Really Work? Promo Code Great cars Jaguar XJ won the best luxury car Promo Code BusinessCar Magazine’s 2006 BusinessCar Awards were selected by JAGUAR XJ for the second consecutive year to win the BusinessCar Awards for the best luxury car, not only from many powerful competitive models such as BMW, Audi, Lexus, etc. Stand out from the crowd and reflect the actual needs of potential consumers. JAGUAR XJ not only shines well in sales but also attracts the attention of many people around the world. It has won many awards: JAGUAR XJ is in the “Driver Power 2003” released by Auto Express, a survey on vehicle reliability and satisfaction. Winning the best ride quality; XJ6 was selected as the 2005 “Car of the Year” by the UK’s What Car magazine; XJ car won the 2005 Scottish annual diesel car award; 2006 JAGUAR XJ won the British Fleet Week and Fleet management The magazine’s Fleet Excellence Awards; the XJ8L was voted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) as the highest award for the top luxury cars of 2006, and also won the best large-scale models in the Auto Express used cars. Promo Code In 2007, Fengyun Auto Opel Corsa won the crown of the mini car

British professional car magazine “What Car? After a rigorous selection, the 2007 “Car of the Year” award was announced. Among the 14-segment group cars, Opel Corsa won the top of the mini-car. After Astra, who won the annual Fengyun car in 1980, Opel is already in What Car? The magazine won the second place in the annual car. In the UK “What Car? “The magazine emphasizes that the new Corsa 1.4 engine is very smooth, and it is the essence of Corsa’s technology. This new Twinport variable intake geometry engine is “variable” for each cylinder. The effect of the intake air is to achieve a significant increase in engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Opel general agent Yulon General Motors said that the company is still talking about the next-generation Corsa related to the original Opel manufacturer, and initially understands that the price is between 85 and 900,000; in contrast, Corsa has the same technology level and more value. The Silverline commemorative model is a mini car worthy of collection. Promo Code BMW RV 2 Generation X5 Promo Code Among the BMW BMW plants, the X5, the most representative luxury sports car, was launched in the market after the first-generation car sold more than 600,000 units. After that, the second-generation new car was officially introduced by the general agent Pande. In addition to the introduction of the 3.0si and 4.8i two petrol vehicles, the 3.0d diesel models are also launched simultaneously. The 3.0si and 3.0d are priced at about 3.4 million yuan; the 4.8i flagship is about 4.5 million yuan.

The 2nd generation of the new BMW X5 has a more sturdy appearance, more sporty fluidity, shorter front and rear suspension, larger rims and smoother roof lines. Not only does it make people more pleasing, it also creates a minimum of 0.33 wind resistance in their class. , proud of the wind resistance of the same class. Nevada high-grade leather interior, walnut wood/aluminum brushed metal plaque, high-tech instrument panel and gearshift levers like aircraft manipulators are added to the car. New Chinese iDrive system with 8 sets of quick functions is listed as standard. Other new technologies include engine start-up button, electronic parking, AUX-In external audio source and 4.8i flagship exclusive 4-zone split-type constant temperature air conditioner and dual front seat electric chair. The addition of the third row of seats is listed as an option, and the hearts of the people can choose.

The 3.0si is the world’s lightest magnesium alloy straight 6 engine, with a 6-speed manual transmission, horsepower and torque increased to 272 and 32.1 kg, 0 to 100 km acceleration of only 8.1 seconds; another 3.0d diesel The torque is as high as 53 kilograms, the acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers is only 8.3 seconds, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 8.7 liters, which is another exciting choice. The horsepower and torsion of the 4.8i flagship rushed to 355 and 48.4 kilograms in one fell swoop, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers took only 6.5 seconds! Its performance is noticeable to car players. In order to match the 2nd generation X5 high performance, the new control technology on the car includes CBC corner brake control, DSC dynamic stability control, ADB-X limited slip differential, HDC steep slope descent, xDrive variable four-wheel drive, active The system of steering and the Adaptive Drive smart control kit is both humanized and technological!


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