lupus summer Reviews

Good evening is anyone know lupus summer I had patches on the face and arms and chest the doctor said suspi?

 his is a rare autoimmune disease called “wolf mask” because it covers the face at that level it can be also visceral.
We do not know the trigger but there is a genetic predisposition to immune system dysfunction.
it is treated easily with cortisone or drugs against malaria and to reduce the immunity is not trivial so before starting treatment you have to be sure not only of suspiscion.

The burkini, it’s still a great way to avoid skin cancer, right?

They are vitamin D deficiency because their skin never sees the sun. I do not understand that we endorse the folly of women, which does not protect their health while we take care all the time of our: No smoking, no drinking, 5 fruits and vegetables day, hydrate etc ….

And who pays deficiency: we, the social security because they do not work. Allah forbids it.

Are we still long maintain this religion that puts people at the expense of society?

@ajout: I just read that Marseille
municipal order, issued annually, prohibits people dressed in bathing . “This is just a stopped security which provides for the mandatory holding of swimming, and have clothes that allow ease in the water and to guarantee the rescue”

and although allowed to drown these connes


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