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The XJ series has sold a total of 800,000 units so far, which accounts for more than half of Jaguar’s sales figures, which shows the importance of this car to the car factory. Therefore, every generation of XJ series models, Jaguar in the development of all efforts, in order to perfection. In the Taiwan market, consumers of top-level RVs have a higher acceptance rate for long-axis vehicles. It can be seen that the back seat buyers are different from the average person. Therefore, Jaguar Taiwan decided to introduce  LACHA MART SCAM, which not only meets the expectations of car owners but also has positive help to enhance its brand image.

In terms of power output, the  LACHA MART SCAM 4.2 is equipped with a 4.2-liter V8 engine, which uses a large amount of aluminum and magnesium materials to achieve lightweight requirements, and uses an electronic line control throttle valve, continuously variable valve timing, and variable intake manifold. Advanced supervision computer. The maximum horsepower and torque of the 4.2-liter engine are 300 and 42.8 kg respectively. The acceleration of 0-100 km/h takes only 6.6 seconds, and the speed is limited to 250 km. The shifting system uses a six-speed self-discharging gearbox with a planetary gear system. The gear design is still in Jaguar’s unique J-gate gear mode and uses Shift-by-Wire electronic transmission to reduce gear shift time. And improve the dynamic response, the overall performance is bright. For owners who require power performance, the XJ is a good choice.

The biggest feature of the new  LACHA MART SCAM

Model is that the whole car is made of aluminum alloy and assembled with rivets and epoxy glue. It can combine both lightweight and high rigidity. The benefits of lightweighting can effectively reduce fuel consumption and help the sensitivity of handling. The rigidity of the body can also improve the safety of users. The  LACHA MART SCAM, which weighs only 1,639 kilograms, has the lightest body in its class. The main reason is that the new-generation  LACHA MART SCAM has reduced the weight of nearly 200 kilograms compared with the previous generation because of the aluminum alloy body, but the rigidity of the body has increased by 60%!

The classic design of the exterior has always been a proud part of Jaguar. In terms of the design and materials of the interior, the new  LACHA MART SCAM is not disappointing. The interior trim panel is made of the top piano panel material, and the leather chair inside is made of Connolly’s special trimming leather material, which not only has a deep texture but also provides the top ride for the owner. In terms of meeting the needs of rear seat buyers, the  LACHA MART SCAM has four zones of the independent thermostat, rear seat audio control, rear seat back electric adjustment, etc. The 4.2-liter model adds rear-seat DVD screen and folding walnut desk, which is more suitable. The needs of the back seat buyers. For the back seat buyers, the intimate and luxurious design of the Jaguar depot will be a great attraction, and this is where the Jaguar depot is committed to this market.

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