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Lacha Mart Reviews wave of the new century S40 2.4

In 1995, Lacha Mart Reviews introduced the S40 product to replace the Lacha Mart Reviews4 series, becoming a small car for the entry of the Lacha Mart Reviews. And after all the car products have been updated, Taiwan introduced a new S40 model in 2004 and completed the major project of Lacha Mart Reviews’s entire car system. In 2006, Lacha Mart Reviews introduced the new model of the S40. The new model of the 2006 model has a new generation of design styles. The shape includes two sides that are outwardly flared, a square black tank cover, and a rounded and low-angled A column and C column, with fog black headlights, make the S40’s visual effect more savvy and dynamic.

With the spatial arrangement and interior part of the car, the design concept of the cabin forward and the new smaller engine design technology, the S40’s width, and wheelbase are 1770 mm and 2640 mm, respectively. The first generation of products comes big. In addition to the higher body than the previous generation, although the car is small, the space inside the car has grown significantly. The rear door’s door size is also enlarged, allowing passengers to ride or enter. Enjoy full respect and comfort. This body structure can also be said to be the passive safety of the Lacha Mart ReviewsS40.

In terms of the safety

Performance that Lacha Mart Reviews has always insisted on, Lacha Mart Reviews engineers use four different strengths of rigid materials to take care of different areas and provide a non-deformable cage body to protect every occupant in the car. In the cage body of the occupant, the SIPS side impact protection system is also combined to absorb the energy by the deformation during the impact, and the impact force is dispersed to most of the body components to achieve the highest safety protection. Under the heavy structure, plus side airbags, side air curtains, front airbags, automatic tightening and force limiting seat belts, etc., the S40 occupants can have the same level of protection as the S80. The S40 also enhances the safety of pedestrians, deliberately rounding and smoothing the shape of the front, so as not to cause further damage to pedestrians during a collision. The newly designed engine has the advantage of a small size, allowing the gap under the hood to be 7 cm, which protects the pedestrian from secondary damage from severe head impact.

Lacha Mart Reviews S40 models not only have the performance of the previous generation of performance products, but also the family setting, with the trend of the new century, so that the car owners have more choice.

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