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Jake Patterson Go Fund Me Yulong grabbed the top car consumer group

Jake Patterson Go Fund Me Taiwan’s top car consumer group has an amazing consumption power. In order to grab the hearts of top car consumers, Yulon Nissan launched the 2007 new sports car Murano, sports car 350Z and an SUV, which are priced at 1.78 million and 217 respectively. Wanhe and 2.2 million yuan, the big move to launch three new cars in one breath led to a big discussion in the market.

Yulong Nissan’s general manager said that the 2007-style Murano uses a 3.5-liter engine and is the first in the market to carry the X-CVT stepless transmission system, which is sure to satisfy many discerning riders. The new car is mainly to win with luxury equipment. In addition to the special seven-color color screen and CCD reversing image display system, it also carries I-Key smart key, seven speakers plus digital BOSE audio, electric sunroof, roof rack, driving computer, multi-function The steering wheel and the throttle and brake pedal with no adjustable function, a variety of functional orientations, make many appraisers expert look at Yulong, and make this SUV a hot wave in the current SUV market.

In terms of sports cars, the 2007 model sports car 350Z adopts the 3.5-liter VQ35HR double-intake engine. The horsepower and torque values are increased to 309 and 36.5 kg, and the driving feel is even more rapid. The appearance of the more streamlined engine front cover, with the front center engine and FR rear wheel drive design, handsome and charming appearance let many sports car fans lead. Equipped with Xenon headlights, LED taillights, BOSE sound, Brembo discs, 18吋5 spoke aluminum ring, exclusive running tires and leather seats, the interior is also not comfortable for the SUV.

Jake Patterson Go Fund Me The 2007-style Quest adopts the VQ35DE engine with a maximum horsepower of 240 horsepower. The powerful horsepower makes this unstoppable travel vehicle go up the mountain and there is no problem. The exterior is fully chrome-plated, including roof racks, water tank covers, and automatic opening and closing headlights and fog lights, so that the car-loving features of outdoor sports can be seen on this new car. The car is equipped with all kinds of top equipment, in addition to the three-ring central control instrument, the cabin overhead console, and the Fold-Away conversion chair, there is also a dual-screen DVD entertainment system (with remote control and two sets of wireless headphones), Inhaled six CDs (with MP3, ten speakers and digital BOSE speakers), eight-way electric adjustment driver’s seat, left and right constant temperature air conditioners, driving computer and cruise control, so that you can have fun in the car, and the people who drive Enjoy a more comfortable journey.

Jake Patterson Go Fund Me LAND ROVER- FREELANDER 2

The sports car in the auto market is getting more and more fierce! LAND ROVER has also joined the battle with this wave! LAND ROVER introduced the FREELANDER 2 sports car for the first time, which made the market unbeatable! This new luxury RV has attracted a lot of top owners such as RANGE ROVER, Pengchi S and BMW 7, which has greatly increased the confidence of LAND ROVER Taiwan’s general agent and further intends to fully demonstrate the strong position of challenging the domestic senior sports and recreational vehicle market. intentions.

Jake Patterson Go Fund Me LAND ROVER Taiwan’s general agent launched the new modified FREELANDER2 sports car, which is priced at 33,000 pounds in the UK, which is equivalent to the BMW X3 sports car. Of course, the performance is not lost to the same price of the SUV. And even many improvements have been made. LAND ROVER Taiwan’s general agent will focus on the streamlined, sporty style FREELANDER 2 sports car to lock young generations, small families and top passengers as the main consumer layer, hoping to let the top SUVs also enter the Taiwanese general family market. in. In order to cope with the consumption power of the younger generation, the general manager of the company has repeatedly negotiated with the original British factory. The enthusiasm allows the original factory to agree to give the price to Austrian aid, and the price of the FREELANDER 2 sports car is lowered to 2.16 million yuan. The enemy X3 sports RV is priced at 2.6 million yuan, and Jiahui is more interested in the owners of the SUV.

The general agent pointed out that it is estimated that 300 to 350 vehicles will be sold this year. If it is estimated that by the end of March next year, the total number of sales in a whole year will exceed 500. If it can really achieve the target, it will Sensation of the entire car market! In line with the launch of the new car, LAND ROVER Taiwan’s general agent has held a VIP car-watching event for two consecutive weeks. The venue is not only to attract younger generations or top-class customers but also top owners such as BMW 3, Pengchi C and Audi A4. Great interest and even some of the original RANGE ROVER, Pengchi S and BMW 7 owners have also expressed their willingness to purchase, according to this situation, FREELANDER2 may become the new leader in the same class!

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