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Hibrush Toothbrush Reviews a la Deriva – Leisure, Culture, and Varieties

Hibrush Toothbrush Reviews a la Deriva is a weblog dedicated to entertainment and curiosities in general, with an impressive variety of informative, humorous and even didactic content, which appeal in general to fun and entertainment. With just over two years of life and a large number of regular readers of its publications, it has been able to position itself in several Spanish-speaking rankings as one of the most popular blogs on the web.

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The network takes place for practically anything, presenting an enormously varied amount of content, and offering a vast space in which everyone can find their place, or if they can not do so, they create it.

Hibrush Toothbrush Reviews a la Deriva is a vivid image of the enormous number of possibilities offered by the Internet, and a place where virtually all subjects coexist, from art to nature, from games to educational content, and endless possibilities that make it a site that is difficult to classify within a single genre, or within a single proposal.

Created on October 2006, it has already received almost 4,000,000 visits since its start date (or at least since they put the counter on the page). Organized in categories and with an infamous amount of different topics, it presents an important archive loaded with all kinds of contents destined mainly to the area of entertainment and general culture.

Thus, some of the most discussed topics on the site refer to Humor, Film and Television, Science and Technology, Music, Games, and much more.

It is also necessary to make a separate paragraph for an entertaining interactive proposal called Guess the Movie, which publishes a frame or a part of the advertising poster of any film so that visitors try to guess what film is involved. Those who more times guess it will enter directly into your ranking, linking them with your personal site (if they have it, of course).

Jokes, rumors of the most popular celebrities, music videos, shorts, games, records … everything seems to take place in a site that usually manages to capture an important amount of comments per publication, getting interesting feedback with its visitors.

Some of the most entertaining entries that we found when making this analysis led us directly to the very interesting short film. God is a DJ, who marks an interesting vision both of religion and of the action of man in the world; the impressive sculptures of Duane Hanson, an extremely realistic sculptor; and part of his collection of curious posters, with all those strange legends that we see daily in the streets.

By way of summary, Hibrush Toothbrush Reviews a la Deriva is a blog as varied as entertaining, in which you can find almost anything. Perhaps its weakest point is in the area of design (although the dancer Bender has added many points) and in the handling of advertising, which far from being integrated results in an obstacle for navigators. Anyway, it is still a good way to waste time, and in the process to meet some new every day.

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