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George Anthony Go Fund Me The first domestic hatchback Yaris

George Anthony Go Fund Me Toyota has dropped a bomb in the Taiwan car market this year. The birth of Yaris has a strong impact on Taiwan’s car market. Yaris is the first domestically produced small hatchback produced by Toyota. The shape of the car is full of strong European style. At the same time, it has an impressive performance in handling, safety and fuel economy. Coupled with the flexible space used by modern urbanites, Toyota’s masterpiece in the Taiwan market has caused a lot of storms.

The first generation of Yaris was born in Europe in 1999, with its sporty European style, avant-garde design interior, attractive space configuration, flexible seat changes, agile handling, advanced power technology, And the characteristics of the impact protection body design and other products, so that it won the 2000 European Year of the Year Award. Yaris has been listed all over the world and has won unanimous praise from the market. It shows that Yaris is not only a practical and high-performance car but also a personal mobile car that conforms to the modern trend. Yaris, which is published in China, is the second-generation model recently launched.

George Anthony Go Fund Me Yaris’s car model is different from Toyota’s previous stagnation. It mainly tries to look at the demands of the young ethnic group. It boldly adopts a strong European design style. The combination of the large front bumper and the water tank cover creates a fullness. It feels that the vertical line from the front windshield to the bumper combines the tank guard with the bumper to form a complete U-shape, making the overall view more stereoscopic and powerful. The one-piece side shape creates a sense of security and presence that is rare in the car, while the sloping A-pillar extends to the rear integrated line, which is connected to the three-dimensional fold line of the door, plus the front and rear wheels that extend toward the corner. It shows a different sense of movement from the four-door car, and the rear body line is matched with the LED taillights, giving off a mature and stable taste.

Although the size of the car is not large, Yaris is really impressive in terms of space creation. The vertical design of the instrument panel increases the legroom of the front seat passengers, and the ceiling and body armrests are connected in a circular arc shape, allowing the passenger to have a more spacious head space and reduce the pressure on the roof. In addition, the variety of seat functions can be adapted to different needs and provide maximum trunk capacity. Most of these designs are formed in response to the demands of modern people, so for modern people, especially singles, Yaris is a convenient and generous car.

Middle Car Carnival George Anthony Go Fund Me

George Anthony Go Fund Me Many people who love to use used cars know that Xinzhuang and Taishan Zhongshan Road have gathered more than 150 medieval car manufacturers in just a few kilometers, making it the largest used car market in Taiwan! Although the roads in the General Administration of Highways have been changed from “provincial roads and second lines” to “provincial roads and one line”, the people are still used to calling it “two provincial roads”. Therefore, it is also known as the Middle Ancient Road of the Second Provincial Road. It is a sightseeing destination for medieval fans.

How many medieval cars are on the second provincial road? The exact number is not very clear because there is no trade union organization here. However, according to the preliminary estimates of the civil society group, there are about two hundred peaks at the peak, which is an astonishing number, but because of the economic situation in the past few years, now There are about 150 or so left, but it is still the largest concentration of medieval cars in the country.

George Anthony Go Fund Me The second provincial road will form such a gathering place for medieval vehicles. In fact, it has a background. First of all, it is the Taizizhen area of the original agricultural area. Due to the development of the city, it has been abandoned, and the government of the redrawing area has not been developed. In order to open source, the landlord fills the farmland with the farmland and some rent it to open the factory. The center is located next to the second provincial road to open a middle-aged car dealership and furniture store, forming a subtle relationship of competition and cooperation. Another reason is that the old car dealers in Xinzhuang and Sanzhong had to be relocated due to land development. Xinzhuang Siyuan Road and Sanyin Jixian Road originally had many medieval cars, but in recent years, due to the opening of the front or the Chongyang re-zoning area, The car dealer must start the stove again. The first choice is the two provincial roads not far away. This is also the reason why the second provincial highways will gradually flourish. The second provincial highway here is famous for its noisy car market. Although there are many middle-aged car dealers in the entire Taipei area, the second provincial road has become the first choice because of the large number of homes. Consumers can shop around and sometimes use it. At a low price, you can buy a cheap and easy-to-open medieval car. Consumers not only pick good goods but also save their pockets. The reputation has gradually spread.

The head of Taishan Township said that since the medieval car dealers formed such a large consumer market in Taishan, and cooperated with the characteristics of Taishan Township, they planned to hold a series of medieval car carnival activities so that many players gathered to invite consumers from all over Taiwan. Here, the car is recommended to buy a car. At present, because of the large number of operators, it is still selecting suitable venues. If you can find a suitable place, the dream of this medieval car market will come true.

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