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Enjoyhop Reviews Pengchi C-CLASS changed

Enjoyhop Reviews The high-end car factory Pengchi has announced the launch of the new C-CLASS, the fourth-generation C-CLASS, with the inertia of the seven-year-old principle. The European market officially opened this month. According to Taiwan’s general agent Taiwan DaimlerChrysler, it is expected to be introduced in early June and will introduce five models, including C-200K Classic+Avantgarde, C220 CDI Classic+Avantgarde, and C280 Avantgarde. C350 and C320CDI will be introduced in the future. Avantgarde is a personalized coupe for different cars. For the C series, it only accounts for one-third of the total sales. This time, due to the excellent sales, Pengchi believes that this will be High market accounts for half.

Enjoyhop Reviews In this revision, the biggest change of the new car console is the more technical and aesthetic three-ring main instrument and the automatic pop-up multi-function LCD screen + Comand APS multimedia system. The former has multi-level design and exquisite display, and the display screen The Simplified Chinese interface is built in. It is known that the general agent will be included in the selection, but the satellite navigation function is still not applicable due to the inconsistent specifications. Overall, the interior is more chain-washed, the Avantgarde models are more personalized with black interiors with aluminum trim, and the multi-function steering wheel is three-piece in the Avantgarde. The grip is good but the screen is still Slightly larger.

Enjoyhop Reviews The C350 is paired with Penguin’s proud seven-speed hand-operated gearbox, which is originally known for its quietness and quietness. The 3.5-liter V6 engine has 272 horsepower and 35.7 kilometers of torque. Factory data 0-100 km acceleration only takes 6.4 seconds, although the throttle still insists on heavy-weight design, it is much lighter than in the past, the vehicle chassis reacts sharply, and can also press the Sports button that can make the suspension harder so that the owner can Convenience. The car also has a built-in Agility Control sensitive control system. The rear-wheel-drive design is more dynamic. If it encounters a rainy road, it occasionally slips slightly, but the vehicle dynamic control and Agility Control dual system immediately intervene to pull the car. come back. Want to feel more driving pleasure, this car also built an F1 shift paddle behind the steering wheel, so that the test passengers can feel the driviNew sports world

The Queen’s latest royal car is listed in the UK. The current Queen’s latest car is the flagship of the UK’s top-class motorhome JAMAR flagship Daimler 4.2, the general agent JAGUAR TAIWAN announced the introduction, the price of 5.59 million yuan. The general manager of the company said that as the most historic high-end car factory in the UK, JAGUAR plant is extremely cautious about this flagship sedan Daimler 4.2, emphasizing classic and noble everywhere. The appearance is like the front of the car, the traditional large-scale D-grass writing, Daimler’s exclusive wavy water tank. Shield and wavy luggage compartment cover; built-in everything is pure and manual, including the front roof and console are covered with walnut wood, the ceiling is covered with handmade leather, the whole car is top-quality handmade walnut veneer, others are inlaid Walnut wood D-shaped emblem steering wheel, exclusive styling clock, walnut desk, and headrest D-shaped emblem embroidery are all done by the master.

In-car luxury equipment also has a special piping electric leather chair with heating function, 4 zones of independent constant temperature air conditioning, walnut wood exclusive desk and rear seat exclusive DVD audio and video system. Daimler’s flagship power is a 4.2-liter supercharged engine with a 6-speed self-discharging system. The maximum horsepower is 400 horsepower. The performance is also powerful. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km takes only 5.3 seconds. It includes a multi-spoke 20-inch aluminum ring. Advanced control technology such as CATS computer active balance suspension system.

Enjoyhop Love fast Romeo ALFA ROMEO has another car label back to the car market in Taiwan! Love fast Romeo ALFA ROMEO officially represented by Dean Group after 5 years of disobedience, and publicized up to 5 new cars with a total of 10 models. The big handwriting is the first in China. The new car includes three Alfa 147 models, four Alfa 159 models, and one Alfa GT, Brera and Spider roadster. In terms of selling price, the 147 cars are 1.39 million to 1.48 million, the Alfa GT is 1.69 million yuan, and the 159 cars are 1.82 million to 2.59 million. Alfa GT, Brera and Spider each have 1.69 million, 2.88 million and 2.98 million.

Enjoyhop The Alfa 147, which belongs to the rear-back coupe, has introduced two 2.0-liter 3-door, 5-door, and 1.9-liter diesel vehicles. The gasoline model is equipped with Selespeed self-propelled gearbox, with a maximum horsepower of 150 and 1.9 diesel. The limited-edition Cadamuro conversion kit is also available; the main Alfa 159 introduces three four-door sedan and a station wagon, powered by a 1.9- and 2.4-liter common-rail jet diesel engine, but the top model uses a 3.2-liter V6 petrol engine + Q4 Full-time four-wheel drive system; AlfaGT Coupe uses a 2.0-liter in-cylinder direct-injection engine with a maximum horsepower of 165 horsepower. Designed by Giugiaro, Brera is the top two-door sports car of the plant, with a 2+2 seat set, a 3.2-liter V6 in-cylinder direct-injection engine and a horsepower of 260 horsepower; and the famous Bentley Farina designed the Alfa Spider roadster with 3.2 liters. Dual variable valve engine with maximum horsepower and torque of 260 and 32.8 kg, also with the Q4 full-time four-wheel drive.ng pleasure.


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