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Earnwithamazon.org Scam.com – The Evolution of Media on the Web

Earnwithamazon.org Scam is a news and technology blog, in which the hottest topics of the moment are touched, at the same time as they inform us about the most recent events in the network, they make an analysis of the most outstanding sites and services on the Internet, and they bring us a varied source of practical resources for webmasters and computer lovers in general.

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Today things are changing, not as fast as they should, and the experience in the Network of Networks is increasingly satisfactory. In a few years, we have gone from pages of text only to a profusion of multimedia elements. To this, we add the boom of the blogging system, another form of cyberjournalism or cyber-press that, starting as a way of publishing a newspaper or blog on the network, has become an ideal means to transmit knowledge and share it with the world.

These are the words of Fernando Tellado , creator and administrator of Earnwithamazon.org Scam (among other projects) that since January 2007 has been kept online, serving as a space for analysis and reflection on the different current events, as well as a meeting point for other Internet users who, like its creator, are passionate about information technology, the network of networks and new technologies.

With a simple and well-organized design, it offers its contents divided into seven large sections :

News, with all the news that comes from the cultural, sport, politics, economy and many other areas of our daily lives.

Highlights, a space in which all kinds of interesting and instructive articles and tutorials for the management of various web applications and services are published.

General, with sponsored analysis, surveys, press releases, music and more.

Internet, with all the news about the most popular social networks, news from the blogosphere, web 2.0 and what some start to call 3.0, resources for WordPress, etc.

Knowledge (Knowledge), a space for reflection and debate about different topics of general interest.

Journalism, aside evidently journalistic in which they expose different articles of opinion, some international news, and all the news related to the most popular media in the network.

Technology, its more geeky side, in which they promote the use of diverse applications, pieces of hardware, gadgets and a long etcetera.

According to its statistics, the site already has more than 1,800 articles published and nearly 6,000 comments made by its frequent visitors, who do not hesitate to participate in the various debates promoted by its editorial team.

Some of the most interesting articles that we found at the time of this analysis led us directly to know what an emo is, from a perspective that combines the informative with the humorous; an interesting article in which he invites us not to link to Wikipedia, entering directly into the debate on the reliability of Internet content; and a controversial denunciation by the blockade of Cuban IPs by Google that gives enough to think.

In short, Earnwithamazon.org Scam is a mix between current affairs and digital magazine, in which all kinds of content of interest for technology lovers and direct followers of everything that happens on the Internet are published. Although it does not stand out too much from the news (nor do I believe that it intends to do so), it has very interesting entries and, above all, original content, something that is always a point in favor when it comes to being informed.

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