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The Digital Earnwithamazon.com Legit – Clues on News, Journalism, and the Blogosphere

The Digital Earnwithamazon.com Legit is from the personal blog of the Bachelor of Information Sciences, Nacho de la Fuente Lago, and a space for debate on current issues of greater relevance in Spain and the rest of the world. The mixture of a place of personal relief and journalistic blog invites us daily to reflect and provokes us with that direct style and without hairs in the language that both like to read, and how little is seen in today’s journalism.

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In recent years, interesting changes have occurred in the development of blogs. Professionals from all over the world have found on the Internet an unbeatable possibility to unleash their knowledge and to reach an audience that grows exponentially, while the blogger has been professionalized (although there are always exceptions) generating the appearance of new leaders of opinion on a global scale, that influence sensibly in several aspects of our current society.

These changes were perhaps the ones that on January 4, 2005, motivated Nacho de la Fuente to open his own space, which with these words was already making clear from the beginning what would be the proposal of the blog:

I start this blog completely naked of contents and with the absolute vacuum of the audience. I write to myself for an urgent need to tell things, to learn from the blogosphere and to contribute my grain of sand to this desert of words. I call it:: The Digital Earnwithamazon.com Legit because I want to follow the exciting Earnwithamazon.com Legit of cyberspace, of today and its queen mother, journalism, so prostituted in these times. I do not know where I’m going, but I’m clear that I need it and I’m passionate about starting from scratch. I promise to be concise, be clear as water, be persevering and do a zum to what, in my opinion, really moves. If I fail, only I will know. At least, for now.

It is so, with a highly personal style , and first of all a lot of desire to express themselves and let others do it, go to the blogosphere to share with us their opinions about the different topics of current debate because they feel like it, conducting a thorough analysis of the events and their protagonists, and showing a different face of journalism that is often seen on TV and other media.

With a warm and well organized design , it offers its contents in chronological order, and by means of a classification system by labels that, as categories, speak of crisis, economy, communication, media, journalism and corruption (that these two words have remained together may or may not be mere coincidence).

La Huella Digital has been awarded as the best blog in Spanish at the 2006 BOBs International Awards and is currently followed by more than 2,000 readers subscribed to its feed, with an average of 600 visitors per day.

Some of the most interesting publications we found at the time of this analysis referred us to their campaign to say no to child pornography, to their analysis of the result of scrutiny in Galicia, and an interesting article about micropayments by content, accompanied of the results of a survey to users of the network.

Undoubtedly, a proposal more than interesting, and a mandatory stop for those who enjoy participating in debates and seek a reflective view of current news. Information, opinion, and freedom of expression in its purest state, all converge in a single blog that grows a little more every day, and always maintains its high-quality standards.


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