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Dave Cochran Go Fund Me Ford|Pengchi new car

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me New Mondeo, a fusion of new generation design factors and breakthrough technology, was officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show. In addition to the introduction of the new generation design factor “Kinetic Design”, FORD New Mondeo has added a number of breakthrough technologies. Equipped with the first-time configuration of the Keyless and Push Start engine start/stop buttons, and the original brand new human operator interface “Convers+”, which fully integrates the humanized communication between the driver and the vehicle, making the whole more humane. In addition, New Mondeo has added a knee airbag to make New Mondeo more secure. In addition to New Mondeo, the S-Max and New C-Max, which also flow the “Kinetic Design” new generation of blood, will jointly create the Ford Max family, which will also be fully unveiled at the auto show.

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me The new car of Pengchi is still under the consideration of the market growth of the SUV and diesel vehicles, and the combination of the top sports car players in the pyramids continues to expand the demand for super-powered cars. The general agent of Peng Chi M.BENZ Taiwan DaimlerChrysler DCT Pushing the premium RV will also focus more on the B-Class, the CDI diesel and the AMG supercar. The company’s public relations associate said that this year, DCT will cooperate with the German original factory to introduce the C-Class, a large-sized medium-sized sedan in June and July. The main models are still Elegance-type, but the new personality model Avantgarde is also greatly changed due to its appearance. In the future, the weight of the introduction will be increased, so that consumers have more choices. In terms of exhaust volume, C200K, C280, and C350 were introduced at the beginning. The C220 diesel car model will be imported later.

Regarding the diesel car model, it has already achieved 200 successes since it was released in August last year. This year, the estimated sales volume will be expanded to 430 units, still based on E320CDI and ML320CDI. After the B-Class of the Pengchi entry car, after the B170, Adding B200 Turbo and B200 CDI, this year’s sales will be 200. As for the AMG super-powered car, the 6.2-liter V8 powerful engine will be changed. The sales are expected to be at least 100 units this year. E63 AMG will be the main force.

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me Mazda 3 change | FX35 top audio and video

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me Mazda 3 changed the domestic car market this year, the most optimistic about small and medium-sized car, MAZDA TAIWA launched in 2007, the new Mazda 3 1.6 and 2.0, 1.6 liters and 3 models, the price of each luxury for 533,000 yuan, distinguished type 560,500 Thousands of yuan, the top type is 590,000 yuan; 2.0 liters and 2 models, top-level and 2.0S are each 640,500 and 65,000 yuan.

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me The new Ma 3 appearance of the running RV is replaced with a more aggressive air hole type front pole aerated dam. The water tank cover is also changed into a honeycomb type fog black net cover, and the rear end of the car is changed to a sports car rear with a black tail lamp. In addition to the same-color flying wing shape and rectangular fog lights, the flagship 2.0S also adds a luggage compartment opening groove and an LED three-ring crystal column taillight. The interior and the wind-style gorgeous cabin trim, the instrument panel is changed with the Zhan silver ring, the whole car is equipped with Japan imported integrated anti-theft CD audio, of which 1.6 top and 2.0-liter models add inhaled 6 CD + MP3. 2.0-liter model, There are also more journey computers and 6-speaker speaker systems. The flagship 2.0S interior features a metal-like design with a silver-plated ring. In terms of power, the 2.0-liter engine was upgraded to 150 horsepower due to the addition of the VVT sequential variable valve timing system + ETC electronic throttle valve, and the steering and suspension systems were also adjusted.

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me FX35 top audio and video

This year’s luxury sports and recreational vehicle market is booming. INFINITI distributor Yulong Nissan has announced the launch of the 2007-style luxury sports car FX35 top audio and video version, including Luxury and Premium, which are priced at 2.12 million and 2.19 million yuan respectively. . The manager said that the appearance of FX35 has not changed in 2007, but the interior is equipped with the first-class “divisional independent audio-visual entertainment system” with a value of 110,000 yuan to enhance the luxury. This audio-visual system combines GPS satellite navigation and digital. TV, rear-seat independent dual DVD, video game system and 2 sets of external Aux-in jacks to meet the different audio-visual needs of passengers, which means that there are up to 3 color screens, 2 sets of independent remote controllers and wireless game joysticks in the front and rear seats. And headphones, audio and video combinations up to 16 kids.

Dave Cochran Go Fund Me In terms of new car performance, the FX35 is still equipped with the original VQ35 series 3.5-liter engine in 2007, with a 5-speed manual transmission, which can output 280 horsepower and 37.3 kilograms of torque, making the FX35, which is LSUV positioning, also powerful. Power, and equipped with a smart full-time four-wheel drive system that can adjust the power balance between the front and rear wheels at any time according to various road conditions. The FX35, which has a maximum of 5 stars in the US NHTSA, is equipped with 6 smart airbags.

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