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Daihatsu Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me

Exquisite and tangible sharp lines, handsome and beautiful appearance, the new generation of Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me completely escapes the design framework of the former Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me, showing the fusion of degenerate, handsome and beautiful lines, let the German Red Dot car manufacturing awards a new look It’s amazing!

Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me also noticed this indispensable security under the handsome appearance. The shortened front and rear overhanging distance and the hood design that cut off the visual dead angle create a visual dead angle problem with the up and down visual range of up to 36.7 degrees and the traditional SUV of the descending, which makes the driving safety more enhanced. In addition to the Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me, which emphasizes the joy of driving with the jungle, the trapezoidal high-rigidity beam body is added to precisely control the collapse of any impact, under the premise of the original high-standard safety protection test through the front, side and rear impact tests. With the active safety equipment such as ABS, EBD and BAS, and the passive safety of the dual front seat SRS airbags (2WD LX and 4WD LX models), it provides strict safety protection.

Space is under the short body

But still has a wheelbase of 2.6 meters and a radius of 4.9 meters. It not only provides a spacious cockpit for four adults but also makes Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me easier to travel around the city. At the same time, even with four adults, the second row of seats and the front seat back have 850mm of space, and the multi-segmented backrest design also makes the ride more comfortable. Is it not to be underestimated to carry the carrying capacity of the four-person Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me carrying baggage? In terms of carrying capacity, 380 liters of luggage storage space is sufficient for daily needs. Even if it needs to carry large objects, the cabin can be up to 1,800mm and the rear seat can be separated and tilted. It will create a maximum carrying capacity of 755 liters. Fully meet the young car owners who focus on multi-vehicle models.

On the power output, the power output is equipped with the newly developed 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine code-named 3SZ-VE, with DOHC dual camshaft and EFI computer fuel injection system, under the power output of 105 and 14.3 kg, 2WD The model still has 19.7km/l and the 4WD model also has a high-speed fuel consumption of 15.9km/l. It is equipped with the former McPherson and the rear five-link suspension setting to show the smart dynamic characteristics. As for the 4WD model that emphasizes off-road performance, it is equipped with a central differential and LSD anti-skid differential with locking function, as well as a trapezoidal high-steel off-road chassis design to completely reveal the off-road momentum of the new generation of small Hummer! Under the handsome appearance, there is a strong cross-country momentum. A small car that can’t be underestimated, will not be tired when you go up the mountain!

Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me

Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me combines Europe’s unique deep lines with Japan’s meticulous design style and has a harmonious fusion of beauty like Latte. It combines the essence of Eastern and Western cultures perfectly into the compact Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me. Therefore, in terms of the actual use of Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me’s test drive experience, regardless of body shape, space, performance and performance, Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me has achieved a balanced performance. This is advertised by Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me as it is widely recognized around the world. The Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me model is not only an important part of Suzuki’s global operating strategy in recent years but also whether Suzuki can be listed in the top five index cars. More car manufacturers have officially entered the domestic small car alliance with their excellent products and competitive prices.

Emphasizing the European-style Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me, the hidden pillars and the prominent wheel arches are in line with the popular design trend; the automatic induction headlights, the front fog lights and the shiny logo on the chrome tank shield give Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me a beautiful face. On the side, the 15吋5 claw aluminum ring and the deliberately protruding shoulder line make the body thick but not bloated, and the graceful curve extending from the headlights is the perfect ending in the LED taillights. The exterior design makes the exterior the most exciting part of Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me, and the mix of European and Japanese styles gives Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me the dual qualities of delicate and fallen lines. Oncoming head design, diamond-shaped large-area inductive headlights, let Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me always have full of bright double eyes, lower spoiler two small front fog lights and domestic unique chrome tank shield Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me, which makes the dazzling factory logo, has a lovable face. In addition, the design of the European short antenna also reveals a playful appearance.

In terms of the standards of small cars

Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me’s seating space is absolutely comfortable and spacious. The black-gray double-color woven chair provides a moderately soft and comfortable ride, and there is no sensation of heat in the general leather chair. The design of the black center console is quite simple and flat. A central information display screen is arranged on the top to let the driver clearly understand the driving information. Under the cold air outlet of Founder, it is a mirror-shaped single-chip CD suction-type audio and air-conditioning interface. A quiet technological beauty. Definitely welcomed by young consumers, not only the design quality beyond the standard, but also the complete audio function, let the young car owners and big hanging friends travel, the beloved CD and the MP3 can be broadcasted last night. . Especially when a friend has a salty pig hand grabbing a song, the multi-function steering wheel control button has four functions of switching mode, channel selection, volume and mute, which can help the driver in the sound dominant position in time, so that friends can listen to music.

The only keyless system of the same class has the dual function of unlocking the door and starting the engine. The owner can open the door by simply pressing the button on the door handle; even if the engine is started, there is no need to take out the key, just turn it to the right of the steering wheel. The engine start button below can be used to start the engine and easily get on the road. On the other hand, the Immobilizer chip-sensing anti-theft system makes it impossible for thieves to steal the car with the copy key to maintain perfect anti-theft protection.

Overall, Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me appeals to young consumers regardless of its appearance or interior. In addition to the playful and lively appearance, the interior texture and fuel-efficient design are all loved by young people. Therefore, for consumers who want to buy a car, the domestic Cassie And Jake Irma Go Fund Me is worth considering.

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