Astoria VR Reviews How you can be Scammed with Trial

Why to use Astoria VR?

I actually felt myself reserved to give a Astoria VR review just because I felt that I am actually in the game and running through the obstacles being the actual case detective and rushing toward the monster in game. Except of games only it converts a normal picture into 3 parts and you can have a 3d glance because it immense the picture and you can look the view of 6 sides without and handy work. Just imagine how I would be feeling when I put up a glance and can see all over in the picture of under waters, Oh don’t laugh if I say that I actually thought that veil is coming to eat me and unconsciously dunk down my head to escape from veil.

Astoria VR Review allows you to let implement the freedom of degree and enjoy the realistic effects and view by the fundamental law of 3D graphics. Virtual technology has made possible to make my dreams true as some instant. Astoria VR review is going to make you suggest about the right product because as being a lover of three dimensional high video capability games I was always keep on searching something new and fantastic to full up my hobby of real life implementation of something. At some point it might be due to my professional demands also as I am a graphic designer and want to see the images, scenes and videos at a different scale which satisfies me and help to implement the right scales on any design.

At the moment when I am writing Astoria VR reviews I am 100% confident about the use of this latest technology which has made it possible to pick up all my dreaming views. It works amazingly by its super features which allow you to connect with any smart phone such as:

  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • I-Phones

Astoria VR manufactures has crucially noticed the activity and compatibility of this adorable device with the smart phones and I phones which are most popular gadgets these days.

How Astoria VR works?

Astoria VR works as a super gadget, when you wear Astoria VR headset, the picture which you see shifts as your eyes moves around. As you look side to side or change the angle of your head you will feel like moving in the picture or video yourself. The system which is implemented in this awesome Astoria VR is called 6DoF which means six degrees of freedom. It plots the x, y and z axis randomly to measure head movements forward and backward. It tracks the head movement and follows up the view clearly.

Which Technology supports Astoria VR?

Here a question pops up that how the system detect the eye motion, I was curious about the manufacturing factors of the FOVE, which knows and observe that where your eyes are looking. According to the fundamental principal of FOVE it’s friendly and warming and also a good conversationalist in open and social media both.

The most advantageous aspect of Astoria VR is not only to let you trigger in the game as real life character but it actually allows you to deeply consider the reality of life image as it respond according to the eyes movement. It instantly catches up the eye retina movement through infrared sensor to put the more realistic results for you in all degrees.

Super Features of Astoria VR:

  • It allows you to move around 360 degree
  • Designed with magnetic front plate
  • It also include side knob to adjust the rotating distance
  • It can adjust the focus of view till 20mm focal length
  • Lens resolution is high up to 8 nano for the best resolution results
  • You can tackle up to 1080p 3D technology but it varies with the smart phone
  • Its fundamental design perfectly support the head for a comfortable view
  • It contains support of high quality leather which make me really relaxed and easy during the experiencing VR technology
  • It’s very affordable

How to use?

It is very easy to use any head set, it’s totally hands free and allows you to enjoy 6 dimensional view and more deep observation when going through some VR video, games or applications. You simply need to slide your phone in the headphone and further it will do itself.

My Personal Complements:

I couldn’t keep e away to buy this lovely headset in a very reasonable price, I honestly ordered a package for my whole family and feeling marvelous on this super tech product because it let me see the life and even my daily basis things at a different aspect. It fulfilled my all hobbies of tourism, exploring and in fact to go under the sea even when I am thousand miles away , I highly recommend it for the people who want to enjoy the technology of high graphics. By The way it’s best choice for quilting and cuddle in frosty winter while enjoying the life in 3D fantastic revivals.

It helped me to enjoy following games:

  • Fantastic Contraption
  • ·         Audio shield
  • ·         Call of the Star seed
  • ·         Tilt Brush
  • ·         Oculus Rift
  • ·         Edge of Nowhere

There are so many other games which are compatible with this product Astoria VR Review.

Astoria VR  Prize and Where To Buy?

You can buy this amazing headset by Astoria VR directly through its website. Its price is 59$ mentioned in the website but they are offering super packages that you can purchase the five Astoria VR at the same time at the lowest cost of 29$ only. This family package really inspired me and I have got my order last week which was delivered within 5 days of placing order. The Astoria VR Review determinately allows the reader to roll for the online order to see the world more deeply. In actually it doesn’t contact to virtual reality directly but it processes the VR environment by connecting to your smart phone according to its capability.

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