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Luxury hatchback Acofar Store Reviews A3

In 1996, Acofar Store Reviews introduced the first generation of A3. After a long time, Acofar Store Reviews finally launched the second generation of the new Acofar Store Reviews A3 to provide consumers with the latest choices for German hatchbacks. And in order to continue the world-renowned luxury hatchback product line, the new generation A3 offers young consumers the best choice for a smoother, more refined look and more refined handling and performance.

Compared with the first-generation products, the second-generation A3 increased the length and width of the A3 by 65 mm and 30 mm, while the height of the car was reduced by 10 mm. The change in the size of the car body naturally leads to changes in the center of gravity, making its sporting performance even higher. The shortened front and rear overhangs make the wheelbase reach 2578 mm, which brings better performance while improving performance. The new A3’s full-body body is made of laser welding and plasma welding, which makes the rigidity of the car body greatly improved, and it is also superior in passive safety and dynamic performance. In order to cooperate with Acofar Store Reviews’s leap forward in A3 technology, the newly introduced A3 2.0 entry model will adopt Acofar Store Reviews’s latest FSI in-cylinder direct injection engine to provide superior power and meet the performance of the hatchback under the consideration of environmental protection and fuel consumption. Demand.

The appearance is balanced with sensibility and precision, creating a water tank shield that conforms to the overall sense of the new generation Acofar Store Reviews family and designed with a shield concept to show the introverted texture of the new generation Acofar Store Reviews. The lines of the car body continue to extend along the line of the water tank cover to the hood, creating a smoother, more sporty look. Compared with the previous generation, the new A3 has a body size of 65mm and a width of 30mm, but it has been slightly reduced by 10mm in height. With a shorter front overhang and a thick C-pillar, it looks more like a Performance sports car; no matter the occupants in the front and rear seats can feel better than the previous generation! The rear end of the car reveals Acofar Store Reviews’s extravagant style. In innovation, it still has the design characteristics of the previous generation to attract fans. In addition to the substantial benefits of the rear wing of the roof, this performance The visual shape of the back car also has a great extra point effect.

In the interior, the interior atmosphere of the new A3 follows many of the design elements that Acofar Store Reviews has created for the performance sports car TT, such as the circular vents, round air conditioning control knobs and so on. The new A3 is fully compliant with the requirements of sports car and elegance.

Such as a more reinforced sports car seat from the previous generation, a cold air vent with an aluminum frame, a perfect gearshift position in the cockpit and a sports car pedal; and a simple and easy-to-read instrument indicator with aluminum Box to make it more sporty. Compared with the previous generation, the new A3’s seat configuration has a significant increase, allowing the occupants to enjoy better ride comfort; especially in the rear seat, the occupants can have better knees and shoulders The space of the department. The second-generation A3’s performance models are mainly in bright yellow, red, and blue colors, mainly in order to meet the demands of sports, youth, and performance of the car. Named in the consumer market of young people.

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